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I heat my home with wood.  Warms me twice. Here it’s last Fall and I’m keeping warm splitting a cord or two. 

We heat with wood
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  1. Paul

     /  February 5, 2017

    Hi Art

    Just listened to your NDE story on youtube, IANDS radio program. If you really want to know what’s behind
    the evolution of forms that you experienced, there’s only one book you would need to read in order to verify the validity of such an experience and that would be ”God Speaks” by Meher Baba. He explains our souls need to move progressively through forms from low to high to evolve the consciousness within those forms. Meher Baba makes this perfectly clear. Once understood, you will see that your experience makes perfect sense!
    His book can be found on Amazon- check out the reviews written about ”God Speaks”. In 50 years of in depth research, it stands above all the rest and easily one of the most profound and insightful books I have ever read. May you enjoy your remaining days on Earth before returning Home to the Light! – Paul : )

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