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  1. Robert Chartier

     /  February 5, 2012

    I have loved the lines of this yacht since I read about it 20 or 30 years ago…….I now have a Capri 25′ since i couldn’t find two bits. Are there any drawings of the boat that I could craft a model of it.Is the sailboat still afloat?
    Bob Chartier
    It is trite to say but your boat design are awsome…..and beautiful.

  2. Bill Bank

     /  May 16, 2018

    I actually finished one (bought hull from Art Paine) when I lived in Buffalo, NY. I do have the sail plan drawing I would be willing to send to you with one condition. If you build a model you make the hull 65 CM in length so the finished model could possible sail in the radio control RG 65 class. Keep in mind the original Two Bits (mine was named Ididit) was a monocoupe design with hull and deck one piece without a deck/hull seam.

  3. Bill Bank

     /  March 22, 2019

    I actually finished a TwoBits hull purchased from Art about 40 years ago when living in Buffalo, NY. I would like to get in touch with Art and see if he has ever explored building RC model yachts. I’ve have moved to New Mexico so a “people” boat is not very useful here but there is an active fleet of model yachts (Check out Duke City Model Yacht Club) I’d be interested in exploring the building of a carbon fiber Teo Bits hull of 65 cm in length to conform to the RG65 standards.

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