Art Paine, Fine Artist

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Bedding the Sun

Bedding the sun

Everything’s different across the Gulf Stream. Bahamian sailing has it’s own rules of engagement and it’s own nautical terms. For instance, the points of sail are not Beating, Reaching and Running, but Beating, Checking and Bedding. A boat going downwind is sailing Onna Bed. Here’s Southern Cross, sailing the long stern chase into the late afternoon sun. She’s bedding down the sun, as the Bahamians would say. This is a very small painting, only 8 by 10, on canvas board. It is probably one of the best oils Art Paine has ever done. Art has worked in what he calls necessary spurious colors throughout the foreground water, and that’s what makes the entire image work. The effect is similar to that of using a grisaille that shows through the finish painting, but in this case such accents as the russet around highlights is added as a thin wash over a nearly completed painting.