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Judy Blue Eyes

Lauren’s Knockdown

Peace Maker

Here is Lundy Robinson, in his trademark hat and trousers, driving Peace Maker at full speed. His mainsheet man, like all Bahamian mainsheet men, is built like a prize fighter and has to be. Because the rules say that these boats must remain traditionally Bahamian in character, meaning no winches are to be used! Even […]

He Reached For It

Every year “Cap” Rolly Gray’s daughter paints up Tida Wave for Regatta. She’s always white (the boat of course) but the name and other decoration vary. Some years the name is on the transom and some, like here, on the side. There might be a spray-painted tidal wave painted at the cutwater. One year she […]

August Tuesday at Rolleville

FYI, August Monday, the first Monday in August in the Bahamas, is a national holiday when many Nassau and Freeport residents go home to their origin islands to party. There are numerous small sailing regattas, beauty pageants, dances and sport field days then. For we Northerners and Maine-iacs the weather would be frightfully hot. Bahamians […]

Bedding the Sun

Everything’s different across the Gulf Stream. Bahamian sailing has it’s own rules of engagement and it’s own nautical terms. For instance, the points of sail are not Beating, Reaching and Running, but Beating, Checking and Bedding. A boat going downwind is sailing Onna Bed. Here’s Southern Cross, sailing the long stern chase into the late […]

Conched Out

Conched out is a rare watercolor by Art Paine. It depicts a colorful pile of flotsom that washed up in storms around the base of a coconut tree. To the artist, it is also representative of the fugitive quality of beauty. The exact scene, the exact tree, and in many ways the entire little tropical […]

Chasing the Waves

The “New Chase” again. Perennial class “B” sloop champion built and sailed by Lauren Knowles of Mangrove Bush, Long Island, Bahamas. The bow boy is Stephan Knowles, who a year after this painting was done won the national youth sailing championship at Regatta Time in Exuma. In so doing he earned a summer’s trip to […]

Tiniest Anglican

In the village of “the Ferry”, on Little Exuma Island, is what is billed as the World’s smallest Church. Art Paine has reason to doubt that, because long ago with a girlfriend he knelt and prayed it would all work out in a tiny roadside chapel in the town of Startup, Washington State. But certainly […]

Beautiful Loser

The buyer loved the integration of frame and painting. In fact, Art suited the painting to the frame rather than the conventional other way around. The artist found an antique floor register for five dollars at a yard sale. This is the metal framework with adjustable louvers that was installed over a basement coal furnace. […]

Why They Go So Fast

The owner of this painting is Steve Callahan, who spent 76 days crossing the Atlantic on a life raft and hence wrote the spellbinding best-seller “Adrift.” Steve is a talented amateur artist and a yacht designer. The painting is far nicer than this unfortunately off-color digital image on the website. It is framed in plaited […]

Really Love to Pry II

This painting sold to a true connoisseur of marine art, a man who loved the painting upon first sighting in the beginning of the summer. It waited for him. Now it’s proud and rightful owner, he dutifully intends to transport it from his winter home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to his summer home in Mt. […]

Ari’s Bad Day

Art Paine is both a writer and an artist. Although he’s a heck of a lot better artist than writer he still gets a kick out of a good play-on-words. Like Ari’s Bad Day. It seems like Ari does have an incredible string of poor luck. It was probably an incidence of that, rather than […]

Stepping Tida Wave

There was this one year when it blew hard and wouldn’t stop. Cap launched Tida Wave off the deck of his mailboat anyway, and it did a right good dance out there in the choppy shallow water. It didn’t seem like a prudent thing to do, but then again they had to get the boat […]

Rage Rage

This painting has an interesting history. Art Paine has been a professional yacht designer. He is best known for having designed and built “Airforce”, a cold-molded wooden yacht that started in the 1985-’86 running of the singlehanded B. O. C. around the world race. It was the last, and the most beautiful, wooden boat attempting […]